Love never comes too late or in a hurry but the love came just in time. do not be mistaken for love comes from long familiarity and because of the diligent approach. love is the soul match, and if it never was love not be created in a matter of years and even centuries



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2 responses to “Centuries

  1. Do not fall in love, hehe!
    Falling itu selalu niban
    Korbanya berantakan.


    Yg bisa menulis dikit mari menulis pelit.
    Enak, ada hadiahnya lagi dari pakdeCholik.
    Sekalian ngintip udah dimana pasaran cinta itu:

    Apakah cinta masih perlu jatuh.
    Pan, setiap yg jatuh kudu niban
    Yg ketiban bisa naik pitam, hehe.

    Salam Damai!

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