Why does the wind blow?
Why does the sky swing?
Why does my heart grow fractious?
Why does the spring come?
Why does it rob me of peace?
Why does love happen?
Why is every direction spinning around me?
Why does such intoxication exist?
Why does it bring such pleasure?
why is this heart suddenly staggering?
Why do eyes meet?
Why does it have such an effect?
Why does the dawn break?
Whose shadows linger in my imagination?
where is love taking me away to?
this loneliness it pains me
what does this heart even understand of faithfulness?



Filed under Corat-coret

4 responses to “Why???

  1. Your path surely full of questions my friend 🙂 – well, at least means we put a care on what life that we would bring about.

    • at least god has given me a love and the happiest moment of my life even if only for a moment and I can take the wisdom of it all, I discovered the meaning of life, not everything we want will be achieved, God give us what we need and not what we want, but I still hope that our needs and requirements in line with our conscience 🙂

      hahaha, why would I be told what is in my heart 🙂

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