Walking along, I suddenly stop, just so.
Sitting down, I get lost in my thoughts.
Talking, I suddenly fall silent.
Why do I adore you? I have no clue.
I have no idea why I behave like this.
I’ve started to furtively wander down deserted back alleys;
I’ve begun to fear the entire world.
what have I begun here?
There’s something mischevious in your talk;
I’m tempted to complain.
My eyes have started to kiss yours;
I’ve lifted you in my arms and swung you around.
what have I begun here?
Who knows where this fire sparked?
It lit in you; now it has lit in me. [lit.: it lit there; now it lit here]
Shall we speak of what is in our hearts, or shall we remain silent for now?
How shall we endure this sweet, sweet pain?
We’ve started to lie awake on moonlit nights;
we’ve begun to send up silent prayers.


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